Song Lyrics

On The Good Ship Lollipop
Bright Eyes

I've thrown away my toys,
Even my drum and trains;
I wanna make some noise
With real live aeroplanes.
Someday I'm going to fly,
I'll be a pilot too:
And when I do, how would you
Like to be my crew?

* On the good ship Lollipop,
It's a trip to a candy shop,
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of peppermint bay.
Lemonade stands everywhere.
Cracker jack bands fill the air'
And there you are,
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.
See the sugar bowl do a tootsie roll
With the big bad devil's food cake;
If you eat too much, ooh! ooh!
You'll awake with a "tummy-ache!"
On the good ship Lollipop,
It's a night trip, into bed you hop.

1. With this command:
"All aboard for candy land!" *

2. And dream away
On the good ship Lollipop.

Early Bird
Captain January

Good morning! Good morning!
Nature hums when morning comes along;
Days dawning, stop yawning!
And begin to sing my song.
Early bird, up at the break of day
Early bird, sings the dark away;
Early birdies always catch a worm or two,
So don't be late, you've got a date,
Your worm is awaiting you.
Sleepy heads never see the sun,
Stay in beads always miss the fun.
Whistle in the morning (Whistle)
Send the worm a warning (Whistle)
Sleepy head, tumble out of bed,
Be a little early bird.

Animal Crackers in My Soup
Curly Top

Once mother said: My little pet,
you ought to learn the alphabet."
I learned them all from A to Z
And now my mother's giving me:

Animal crackers in my soup
Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop;
Gosh, oh gee, but I have fun
Swallowing animals one bye one!
In every bowl of soup , I see
lions and tigers watching me;
I make them jump right through a hoop,
Those animal crackers in my soup.
When I get hold of the "big bad wolf"
I push him under to drown;
Then I bite him in a million bits,
and I gobble him down,
When they're inside me, where it's dark,
I walk around like Noah's ark."
I stuff my tummy, like a "goop,"
With animal crackers in my soup.

Baby, Take A Bow
Stand Up and Cheer

Nobody gave me a mention, till they saw me with you
Paid me a be of attention, till they saw me with you.
Suddenly strange people walked up to me,
Pretending they knew me,
And begging me to introduce you.

Everybody's asking me,
Who's that bunch of personality?
I'm presenting you right now; Baby, take a bow!
Where I found the lovely cameo;
I' presenting you right now: Baby take a bow!
Here them whispering: "Hasn't she got everything?"
You're a stand-out;
Listen to the compliments they hand out!
Let me stand right up and say:
"Meet the future Miss Hmmingway!"
I'm presenting you right now' Baby, take a bow!

At The Codfish Ball
Captain January

Next Friday night, you're all invited
To dance from eight till five;
All the fishes, still alive, are are having a ball.
It's some affair, they'll all be there,
From the herring to the whale;
They'll turn out to shake a scale, in Neptune's Hall.
Come along and follow me To the bottom of the sea
We'll join in the jamboree, At the Codfish Ball!
Lobsters dancing in a row, Shuffle off to Buffalo,
Jelly fish sway to and fro, At the Codfish Ball!
Fin-nan-haddie lead the eel Through an Irish reel
The cat fish is a dancing man,
But he can't can-can like the sardine can!
Tunas "truckin" left and right,
Minnies moochin' what a night!
There won't be a hook in sight, At the Codfish Ball!

When I'm With You
Poor Little Rich Girl

You came along and you looked at me so sweetly
You similed so discreetly And I fell so completely
You came along and your arms were there to run to
Darling, look what you've done to me.

Every street I walk on becomes a lovers lane
When I'm With You.
I can see the sun through we're out in the rain
When I'm With You.
To lose would be tragic, Here is my heart unfurled
You have that certain magic
You're the seven wonders of the world
Snow is on the ground but leaves are on the trees
When I'm With You.
Hm-m-mm. Please let me make this confession
You are my magnificent obsession
The worlds is all in rhyme, Lovely one,
When I'm With You.

An ordinary day becomes a holiday
When I'm With You.
I have lots of toy But I don't want to play
When I'm With You.
Oh Daddy how I miss you, You're busy all your life
I long to hug and kiss you,
Marry me and let me be your wife
Every word I hear sounds like a lullaby
When I'm With You.
Even funny spinach tastes like a pumpkin pie
When I'm With You.
Ooh-ooh! ooh-ooh! In every dream I caress you
Every night I pray the Lord will bless you,
The worlds a nursery rhyme, Daddy dear,
When I'm With You.

The Right Somebody To Love
Captain January

Young and old, and in between
Six or sixty or sixteen,
When you think that fate has been unkind,
Cause you haven't many toys
Like some other girls and boys,
Here's a little rhyme worth remembering sometime:

What make life the sweetest,
Bestest and completest?
Not a big doll house, or a Mickey Mouse,
But the right somebody to love.
Ice cream cake and candy may be fine and dandy,
But if you ask me they're not one-two-three
With the right somebody to love.
One you really care for, and is yours to have and keep;
One you say a prayer for in your "Now I lay me down to sleep."
Though you're not quite seven, what is most like heaven?
It's the joy that's found with your arms around the
Right somebody to love

What makes life the sweetest,
Bestest and completest?
Not what you and I can go out and buy,
But the right somebody to love.
You may have a bank full, for which to be thankful:
Nothing you posses brings you happiness
Like the right somebody to love.
One you really care for, and is yours to have and keep;
One you say a prayer for in your "Now I lay me down to sleep."
All the milk and honey, pockets full of money, Cannot take the
Place of the sweet embrace of
The right somebody to love.

But Definitely
Poor Little Rich Girl

May I have your very kind attention
listen, dear, to every word I mention
While I tell you the way I feel
While I tell you why you're my ideal.

You are an angel without any wings
A vision so lovely to see
Are you the reason my happy heart sings
But Definitely
Will I forever be faithful to you
You're mine and you always must be
Do I adore your, you know that I do
But Definitely... So Definitely
You are the moon, the stars, the sun
You're every beat of my heart
You're so supreme
But if it all turns out
To be only a beautiful dream
Let's keep on dreaming
Millions or billions can't equal your worth
Your love is a blessing to me
Are you an armful of heaven here on earth?
You are... But Definitely

Alone with you.

I have always known that three's a crowd
Only two can dance
Only two romance
So when I see you in a crowd
I'm not satisfied
Until I reach your side

Alone with you
I don't know the meaning of time
Alone with you
I'm yours without reason or rhyme
I'll be contempt to be sent to Island in the sea
If I had you with me
How lucky I would be
Alone with you
I have everything that I need
Alone with you
I'll follow you where ever you lead
So ring the bells in the steeple
Tell all the people
That we are one, and I begun
To live in the heavens
Alone with you.

How Can I Thank You

How can I thank you
Where do I start
The words are somewhere
around my heart
If I can say in a word or two
just how much it means to be loved by you
Then I could thank you
for all you've done
But I don't know what to do
What can you say
when a dream comes true
How can I ever thank you.

An Old Straw Hat

I was born in a small town
But I'm liven in a big town
They gave me a top hat and cane
In trade for a shady lane
Well I'll give you back your big town
If you'll give me back a small town
Keep your top hats and canes.
Give me those prairies and planes.

If I had one wish to make
This is the wish I would choose,
I'd want An Old Straw Hat
A suit of overalls and a worn-out pair of shoes.
Just let me roam around laughing at Big City Blues,
With An Old Staw Hat
A suit of overalls and a worn-out pair of shoes.
Howdy Mister Brown, ho hum
Goin' fishin', hope you get a bite
Howdy Mister Jones, ho hum
how's about a hay ride Saturday night?
Sing High ho, the mer-ri-o
What have you got, what have you got to lose?
Get An Old Straw Hat
A suit of overalls and a worn out
Musty, rust, dust, pair of shoes.